New Release : PSANG OST III · Sunset Idol, Original Soundtrack & Remixes

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« During a funeral wake, a young boy questions his grandfather’s passing. »

Gautier Babe’s Sunset Idol depicts a familiar display of complex infantile denial towards loss. Pop and wave sounds designed by Igor Keltchewsky are a fair homage to his work, complemented by new horizons from DJ Fuu and Visages’ visions.

To support the label & artists, you can buy PSANG OST III on CD + digital.

Limited to 20 copies.


All tracks written and composed by Igor Keltchewsky aka Abraham Murder, remixes by DJ Fuu aka Sire and Visages

Mix and master by Leslie No

PSANG Tapes, 2020

Many thanks to every person involved in the release, and to the whole Pomme Sanguine family and affiliates !