New Release : PSANG Tales Vol. 3 · Various Artists

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“Seven artists, six tracks, a third PSANG tape rises up from the depths. Initiate the immersion process by following ambient lights. Stay awake as breaks come in, for experimental auras will follow. When the gate of electro is passed, only the upward path of acid can be taken.”

PSANG Tales Vol. 3 is an ode to travels towards the heart of the soul. While dreamlike chordal successions sweetly spouse electro and breakbeat references delivered by Pomme Sanguine staunch artists, new guests offer significant new horizons : Discothèque Sauvage, Sanjib and XL.IKS are a gift to this tape brilliantly designed by @emmarlld 

To support the label & artists, you can buy PSANG Tales Vol. 3 on cassette tape + digital.

Only 100 copies were made. Only 50 are still available to the day of the release : do not procrastinate !

Written and produced by Discothèque Sauvage, XL.IKS aka 55h22, Sanjib aka Jibis, Sire, ViLN & Visages
Mastering by Vincent Villuis at Ultimae Studios.
Artwork by Emma Rolland.
PSANG Records, 2020.

Many thanks to :

Every artist/photographer involved : alexeiduraffkov, Discothèque Sauvage, Emma Rolland, Rosalie Guilloux, Sanjib, ViLN, Visages, XL.IKS

Medias that showed suppot : Delayed, Dure Vie, Make It Deep, Seeksicksound, Tsugi and Whypeopledance

The whole Pomme Sanguine family and affiliates !