PSANG Tales Vol. 4 : Discothèque Sauvage, Uf0

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“New tales have made their way through hardships, expecting to be told by PSANG on a fresh split tape. Two machine worshippers have been gathered for the occasion: on the A side, Discothèque Sauvage delivers a triptych of idm-ish electro titles, tinged with deep rhythmic melodies. B side takes us off the electro land for a perfect rest on the edges of Uf0’s complex mind.”

We are excited to announce that PSANG Tales Vol. 4, featuring Discothèque Sauvage and Uf0 is now out !

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Written and produced by Discothèque Sauvage and Uf0.
Mastering by Vincent Villuis at Ultimae Studios.
Artwork by Benoit Pradat aka @escape_attempt
PSANG Tapes, 2020.